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Effective Marketing Techniques for New Business in Commercial Brokerage

Right now, is an excellent time to be looking for commercial, industrial, and retail real estate listings.  It is becoming a ‘sales’ market, and some people want to sell, whilst others want to buy. 

Prices will change, and the pressures of the market and finance will take care of that.  Our job is to find the listings, build enquiry, and solve property challenges. There are plenty of people thinking about things in commercial property. Can you help them? 

Think about these questions:

  • Where are the investors that want to buy?
  • Where are the businesses that want to buy, sell, or lease?
  • What are the developers in your location thinking about or needing?
  • What are the factors of supply and demand in your location, and how will that change?
  • What are the price trends now?

It is the agent with the listing stock that thrives in this new property market and cycle.  Exclusivity is a big part of that listing process, so ensure that you connect with people and control your listing stock.  It is time to think about who you are joining with each day and how that is happening.

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Property Prices Have Changed

In some locations, the prices of investment property remain high, and the yields are lower than, say, 18 months ago.  That is because of the limitation or the slow release of investment property stock.  There are properties to come to market now, and the only way you can find them is to start making plenty of calls locally

We don’t set prices, but we do work with them. Use the property market price changes to your advantage. Choose the right methods of sale that allow the client to be ‘conditioned’ to local enquiry and trends.

Where do you start with this? Spend at least half of your working days talking on the telephone to new people.  They will be location-based and particularly investors and business owners.  Pressures exist for people to sell a property.  Investors are waiting for the purchase.

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Contact Strategies for Growth

Here are some strategies for the growth of your investment listing stock:

  1. Ongoing landlord contact is a good thing.  Some of those landlords have pressure to buy and sell.  They may also want to take advantage of the current market trends and get a better property to add to their existing portfolio.  You can update those landlords with market trends in different ways including graphs, and charts.  Use the information to your advantage as you connect with landlords.
  2. Categorizing buyers and investment requirements is something you can do as you make more calls each day.  Do not slow down the call process of making outbound calls by entering data as you go (it will slow you down and that is counter-productive).  Use a template or standard form to write down the facts from a call, and then you can load the call conversational points later when time is less intense or essential.
  3. Finding listings off the market and matching people into them is something you can do in a property cycle or market like this.  As you talk to people about buying and selling needs, segment them into both capability and priority.  That then helps you connect with high-value or motivated people in the right ways.  You can also create a VIP list from that process.  There are need differences in the people you talk to in commercial real estate, so look for the differences in capability and intent.
  4. Split up your territory and go deeply into the information and location.  As you go down into the property facts, the streets, the buildings, and the people, there will be conversations of opportunity to work on.  It could be a current issue or a future issue.

Outbound Call Systems Made Simple

Through all these issues you can find new business with investment properties.  Remember that outbound contact frequency and volumes of outbound calls are critical components of getting anywhere in commercial real estate investment sales. 

Get your outbound calls going and keep up the contact process.  Learn from the process and improve your conversations and connections. Practice with outbound calls is a big part of that process.

Over three hours every day, you should be able to make fifty outbound calls and connect with at least twenty people.  Some of those connections can advance to meetings, whilst others can be set for a repeat contact.  Enjoy the business growth and change because of your call conversations, actions and consistency.

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