Email or Letter Template for Industrial Land Sale Promotion

In promoting an industrial property for sale, there are different channels of media to use. A combination of media works well. This letter or email template helps sell industrial land and any pre-release.

The strategy here is to use the template (suitably edited for the actual property) and send it as an email or direct letter to qualified parties. That could be property owners, investors, or business owners.

Download the Template Here

industrial property sale direct marketing letter on ipad
Download the template for industrial property sales here.

You can establish a target market of people from your database to whom you want to send correspondence. As a basic rule in the commercial real estate market, all emails or letters of this type should be followed up with a direct telephone call within the following seven days.

The industrial property market is a ‘stand-alone’ performer in most towns and cities. Warehousing and manufacturing integrate closely with business requirements, the community, and the economy.

In this property market cycle, industrial is still a strong performer. Why is that? The upturn in e-commerce-related transactions boosts industrial property warehousing and distribution. It is a situation that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

Inspection Details

Given that many industrial properties are unique, gather the fuller details about the land, improvements, occupancy rents, and cash flow.

Typically the buyers of industrial property like to know about:

  • Utilities (water, electricity, sewer, drainage)
  • Power capacity
  • Services and amenities
  • Improvement details
  • Building locations and sizes
  • Warehouse size and elevation (roof height)
  • Warehouse spans and flooring details
  • Loading docks
  • Roofing type and size
  • Air conditioning capability
  • Energy-saving devices and systems
  • Fire safety and prevention equipment
  • Office or showroom size
  • Land or plot size and layout
  • Security systems on site and internally
  • Environmental risks and controls
  • Car parking and circulation details for vehicles
  • Roads and freeway access details
  • Rail heads, airports, seaports and trucking distribution points

You can add to this list based on a particular property. Think about the industrial property from a buyer’s or tenant’s perspective. Provide details that help buyers see the bigger picture and the property’s strengths.

Inspection Strategy

Creating an inspection and marketing strategy is a good idea when selling any property, so you can take people to and through the property in the best way possible.

You will need to think about the strengths and weaknesses of the industrial property and how you can show or inspect those factors. People will have property questions, and preparation for that is important.

industrial property warehouse
Ensure that your property target market is chosen well

Target Market Specific

As with all property types, a targeted marketing approach is desireable and should be integrated into the promotional campaign.

Most industrial property sale marketing campaigns use the Internet, email, direct calls, and direct mail strategies. That is where this template is of some use today.

The backup information that you will require will include:

  • Methods of sale to be used and any close-off date for the promotion
  • Asking price (if applicable)
  • Facts about the property, the improvements, and any occupancy leases
  • Property costs and outgoings that have a direct impact on the net income stream
  • Review the zoning details and the allowances about any redevelopment or development application
  • It is always wise to have a plan of the property handy

So these ideas will help you with your property marketing strategies for any industrial property. Use the provided template in your direct mail efforts or email marketing.

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