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Essential Blogging Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

Most commercial real estate brokers and agents are very ‘ordinary’ when it comes to personal marketing and promotion. 

They just do the general things like advertising properties on the portals, and talking to people.  They then overlook the importance of online marketing as part of building their brand strategically; that is their brand for the location and within specialized property types.

That marketing weakness is then an amazing opportunity for those agents and brokers that can step out into the internet, and use some of the more comprehensive and impacting tools and strategies available.   There are plenty to use, and ‘blogging’ is a valuable tool to consider as part of your personal marketing model.

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Show Your Skills Through Articles and Blogs

A blog marketing strategy does work in commercial real estate brokerage; through a blog portal you can display information and share your professional market knowledge. In that blog portal, you can focus your articles and information on keywords, topics, and locations. That is the base strategy to building your presence and relevance online.

Build your personal brand online; that’s the big target to remember here.  When someone goes to one of the search engine portals and types in a property question, ideally should you want to be there in the search engine answers and particularly on the first page.  That can happen if you build your brand around certain ‘keywords’ that are relevant to the location and your property specialty.

Focus Your Marketing with Information

Here are some ideas to help you activate this marketing strategy as part of your real estate business:

  1. Choose a blog platform that is easy to use, stable, and professional in presentation. You can commonly use WordPress or Blogger to achieve that. Both of those platforms are essentially free and will help you get the strategy underway. You can get free ‘hosting’ as part of establishing your blog platform.
  2. Social media links will be useful. As you progress with this marketing initiative, you will understand the different things that you can do; you will make choices regards platform enhancement and social media feeds interaction. The important thing here is that you firstly get the blog process underway, and secondly that you fill the blog with plenty of locally relevant property information.
  3. Establish a list of keywords that you believe reflect your location, property skills, and property relevance. You only need a small set of keywords to build your articles. As you write your articles, some of those keywords will feature in the text and the layout.
  4. When you write your articles, use headlines that relate to a location and property specialty. A good example here would be the headlines used locally in newspapers. Understand how to craft the headline relevant to your location. Use the local newspapers for ideas when crafting your headlines.
  5. Look for property issues that are currently active in the media. If there is something that is dominant and or controversial in local property change, then you can use it in your blog articles.  Your opinions expressed in what you write should be ‘professional’ and timely; don’t overstep the mark when it comes to ‘professionalism’, give that a published article online will never disappear.
  6. Make it easy for people to comment on the blog portal about your article. If you craft an article around a locally important topic, it is very likely that people will see it and have an opinion to add to your written words.
  7. Integrate the blog into all your social media channels. It is easy to post automatically from your blog platform to all your social media channels.  One well-crafted article can also publish on your property related websites.

Simple strategies like these will help you build your online presence as a property specialist for a location.  Are you ready for the challenge of online marketing in commercial real estate brokerage?

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