Retail shopping center matrix for leasing premises

There was so much interest in the recent commercial office leasing chart that I published last week online, that I have decided to also publish this special matrix checklist for retail shop leasing.  If you get involved with tenants and leasing shopping centres, then this matrix chart is invaluable.  It covers so many issues that arise in shop leasing.

If you manage or lease shopping centres, these charts will be very useful.  Enjoy.



Retail Shop Leasing Checklist

Note that I have formatted the PDF reports as checklists in A3 because there is plenty of information to work with and consider in leasing a shop.  You can print and use as you require in leasing out new premises.

Here are the two separate reports for you in retail leasing:

Retail shopping center matrix for leasing premises
Retail shopping center leasing checklist.


retail shopping center leasing slides by John Highman
Retail shopping center leasing slides.