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Everything You Wanted to Know About Call Prospecting Now

At a personal level, every broker and agent seeking to improve their real estate business in this health cycle should be practising and refining telephone conversation systems and processes.   That is all about what to say and how to say it.  You are a ‘solution service’. Engage with people in that way.

People want help in this property cycle change with COVID19.  Lift your connection activities.  Spend at least half of the day on the telephone making outbound calls.  Track your conversations, follow up calls, and associated emails. 

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Top Agents Today

The property market now belongs to those agents that are highly active and organized on the telephone.  Step up and into the new property cycle.  You will find people as you do that.  You will discover property situations to work on.

The agents of value and importance in this property market are those that get systems of contact underway and keep up the momentum with what they are doing. They are the ‘top agents’ to list and sell in these strange times.

What can you do with this? New things can be said, and information can be provided as part of the call contact; that is how you create interest and relevance as you connect with new people.

Ultimately you want people to remember you as the agent that is active and professional in this health event.  When they get their property challenge, you want them to call you.  Show them that you have things under control and that your brokerage has ‘remote’ business activities that can sell a property even today as we remain in ‘lock-down’.

The New Property Cycle

One thing to remember here is that this new property cycle has started, and it will continue for six months or so then take a different shape from there onwards.  When a new remedy or solution to the virus begins to ‘roll-out’, the agents with the listings will be the top agents to move ahead.  Prices will change, but that is inevitable.  Prices and transactions are driven by the people in the property market, not agents. 

Step into the new property cycle and take charge of what you are doing, who you are talking to, and what systems will support your clients and prospects with moving a property change, sale, or purchase onwards. Networks of contacts are the key to success in this property market and for the future.

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Shape Your Day

Protect and shape what you think and what you do every day.  The media is full of ‘negative spin’, and a lot of that is not factual.  Get your news from selected ‘accurate’ news sources on a limited basis so you can still stay active and busy in commercial property conversations and connections.

Here are some ideas to feed into your call contact processes:

  1. Sending out information – you can use the ‘cloud-based’ storage systems for that.  Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are good for that.  Large volumes of property information can be shared from a drive link to selected people from enquiries and or listing situations.
  2. Listing systems – think about how you can send out listing forms to people when they are ready to act with their property.  Searching the title will be part of ensuring legal ‘correctness’ and ownership accuracy with every listing.  Can you still search out the property ownership detail? Gather the information about a property on a listing information sheet.
  3. Photos and examples of other properties – create separate ‘albums’ in your cloud storage for each listing that you have now and those that you get in the future.  Given that many photos are large in file size, cloud-based sharing is desirable.  So, you can have pictures for listings and photos for comparable properties in the location. All of this can be in ‘cloud-based’ storage.
  4. Methods of marketing – create a few different alternatives of marketing so you can give your clients a choice when it comes to listing and associated marketing funds.  The logic is that you can have a ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, and ‘gold’ marketing package.  It depends on the property type, the location, and the client as to what would be suitable.  Mix and match the online and other marketing methods.  Websites, Social Media, Databases, and Direct calls all have a place in marketing a property for sale now.
  5. Shortlists of buyers for property types and weekly follow-up with VIP’s – the people that you know now are valuable to your sales activity and transaction opportunity.  Connect into your lists, VIPs, and the critical people of the property market.  Refine your approach and your business focus, so the active people of the property market are found, and information can be shared at the right time with the right property types.

These systems will help you engage with more people across the telephone as we move through the current health event and the new property cycle.  Preparation is up to you with your calls, and momentum will help you get to the result you are looking for. 

Seize the opportunities that will come out of this property market from now on.  Talk to plenty of people.  It’s a different property market, and we are the ones to adjust first for any level of opportunity.

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