Everything You Wanted to Know About Leasing Prospecting – Chart

In commercial and retail real estate leasing, there are things to do every day, especially if you are looking to win some new clients or listings.  This matrix chart will help you engage with the right people in your town or city, to see if you can help them with leasing premises, finding extra space, or contracting down to smaller size premises.

As part of using the leasing chart with tenants, business owners, and landlords, remember to be fully aware of the local trends and pressures with:

  • Rentals and rental types
  • Lease incentives offered
  • Lease terms and conditions as they apply today
  • The landlords of the location
  • Supply and demand
  • Vacancy factors in the area

You can get the leasing chart below in simple PDF format.

commercial real estate leasing matrix with arrows and names
The commercial and retail leasing channels of opportunity.

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