special report on exclusive listings
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The exclusive listing process is quite special in that it gives you control of your market, your client’s property transaction, and can help you boost your transaction conversions. All that leads to improved chances of enquiry, inspections, and shorter time on the market.

In this special commercial real estate sales report by John Highman, you can learn how to do more with your listings and thereby increase your chances of converting that property listing to exclusivity and control.

special report on exclusive listings
Special brokerage report on exclusive listings by John Highman.
  • Exclusive Listing Numbers are Critical – you can have plenty of open listings locally, but the exclusive listings are those that really matter when it comes to growth of market share and commission conversion.
  • Adjust your presentation and pitching processes so that exclusivity is at the centre of your recommendations and listing activity. Make sure that you are converting vendor paid marketing funds as part of each and every exclusive listing.  As they say, ‘You can’t sell a secret’. 

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