Top Agents – Expecting More Commercial Real Estate Listings This Year

In commercial real estate agency, just like any other sales based industry, you get what you expect when it comes to results from your prospecting and marketing efforts.  For this reason it is essential for you to change your thinking and your processes to suit the results that you need.

So let’s say that you have a difficult property to market and sell.  If you expect that the marketing process will be difficult and slow, it will be.  If you on the other hand develop a productive process of target marketing and distinct effort, you will get better results.

In today’s commercial property market, your thinking and your efforts need to be aligned to the results that you seek.  Those results will be in the following categories, as they will all have significant impact on listings and commissions.

  • The numbers of people that you are contacting as part of your prospecting model.
  • The cold calling process that you use to speak to business leaders and property owners in the local area.
  • The results from every property inspection where you have taken qualified people through the property.
  • The actual negotiation relating to the property itself.  Those negotiations will be with the property owner, but also with the tenants or buyers as the case may be.
  • The dealings that you have with the property owner with regard to marketing, inspections, and negotiations.

All of these factors will have significant impact on the results for you personally as an agent in the local area.  Approaching each of these factors with the right attitude and the right process will help you tremendously when it comes to getting a positive outcome.

If you think something will be difficult, then it will be.  If you think something has merit and can produce a good outcome, then you will have much more momentum in creating the good result.  They say ‘attitude is everything’ in commercial real estate agency, but perhaps the statement should be reshaped to ‘attitude is the key to producing results’.

All of this being said, as commercial real estate agents we need to protect our thinking processes and actions.  Athletes and high performing business people do this all the time.  Three simple strategies can help you here in commercial real estate today.  They are:

  • Practicing the processes involved in your job is very powerful tool in shaping your thinking to what needs to be done.  Practicing your dialogue is a very powerful tool when it comes to preparing for inspections, negotiations, and listing.  Many salespeople hate practicing and overlook the discipline required to improve their career.  Rarely will you find a top agent that doesn’t practice what they do.  You have a choice here, and the choice that you make can fast track the results that you get.
  • Reading a simple sales book at the beginning of the day will help you shape your ideas to the processes that are about to occur.  A good sales book will also help you with new ideas to handle the challenges of your marketplace with property owners, tenants, buyers, and business leaders.
  • Setting goals has been spoken of in many different ways over the years.  The simple fact remains that distinct goals relative to your marketplace and industry will help you stay on track and focus your efforts to the outcomes required.
  • The process of focus and affirmations regularly throughout the day will help you with staying on track.  Shaping your thinking is a very powerful way to produce results.

These four simple factors will help you greatly when it comes to achieving results as a top commercial real estate agent.  Yes they are a bit different, however they are the skills and disciplines of high performance in any sales based working environment.

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