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Every commercial real estate agent or broker must have a sales plan at a personal level.  The property market changes so much throughout the year that a dedicated plan is the only way to stay on top of change and churn.  Think about the property market now and how it compares to the same time last year.  What is happening now with:

  • Local businesses and business types
  • Property types and vacancy levels
  • Technology in business occupancy
  • Investment trends and expectations
  • Property ownership and demand
  • Future supply and current demand

When you add these things to the factors of the location, you will see that opportunities exist in and around all of that churn.  It is simply a matter of talking to people regularly.


Staging a Sales Territory Plan

So that is where your sales plan starts to take shape.  In all of these factors, your sales plan can exist with strength and versatility.  In this audio program, learn how to get your sales plan started and developed for the long-term in brokerage.