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Faster Ways to Create More Commercial Property Sales

It is a fact that commercial property sales are generally cyclical as part of the overall investment cycles available to property investors today.    There will be peaks and troughs in the property market in any town or city, so a broker or agent should know how to read the ‘cycles’ of investment, occupancy, and development.

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The Career Kick Start Course in Commercial Real Estate by John Highman.



Known Property Cycles

When one segment of the property market is falling, others are rising.  You can be part of that change in a positive way, especially so if you are a ‘sales agent’.  The indicators to watch include:

  • Finance availability for Companies and Corporations
  • Investment financing policies
  • Business sentiment for the location
  • Tenants relocating due to expansion or contraction
  • The affordability of rents for tenants
  • Prices per unit of area for properties sold in given areas


So, as the local broker or agent, you can work with tenants, buyers, sellers, investors, and company owners.  That’s where personal organization and a good database will help you.  Have you chosen your ideal customer and client profiles for the area?  Have you decided what properties you want to work with?  Clear answers are required.

If commercial and retail property sales are your preference, then this special brokerage sales report will help you with listing and sales momentum.  It talks about the core issues that influence property inquiry, marketing, and negotiations.  You can get the report right here:


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Special report on commercial property sales.


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