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So, a client asks you to manage their commercial property.  What do you do at that point?  How much should you charge for your services?  So many agents and brokers make mistakes in setting property management fees.  They adopt some formula of a percentage fee taken from the passing income for the property.  What then happens when the vacancy factors in the property rise or the incentives on a new lease diminish the passing rent?   (NB – you can get plenty of Commercial Property Management fee ideas in Snapshot right here – it’s free)


Setting Your Fees for Service


The best way to set a commercial or retail property management fee is to look at the tasks involved in a number of categories relating to the property.  You can then assess the demands of the property and the client on your time, and you can apply a time-based formula to cover your costs of service and make a profit.

In this audio, John Highman explains the way to approach that ‘fee number’, and then you can compare the calculation to any other industry comparisons that you are comfortable with.  Listen to the audio below or subscribe to the podcast here.


Podcast About Fee Setting


The setting of a fee in commercial property management is a special process with unique factors to consider. In this program, John Highman talks about how you can compare fees and costs to manage a commercial property.

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