skills of a top commercial real estate agent

Every real estate agent wants to be at their best and rise to the top of the commercial property market.  That being said there are particular processes and skills to  do that.  Across office, industrial, and retail property, the same rules and skills apply.

I have put together some of the most important agent skills in this free mind map or wall chart for download.

Having been an active agent now for many years, I believe these are the most important skills to develop if personal performance and results are critical to your real estate business plan.  In fact I would say that the chart is very valuable in helping you consider the main issues in your personal business plan.

The agent chart is a simple PDF in A3 format so there is every reason to put it in a prominent place to remind you of what you are looking to achieve in your market with clients, listings, and commissions.

This is a free service for our online community.  You can join up here.