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Get the Client to Think of Exclusive Listing Benefits

When you are pitching for a listing, get the client to think about the real benefits of your ideas and your recommendations.  Your ideas should stand out beyond that of your competitors.  Match your ideas to the property situation, and the target market.  Have some stories to tell as part of engaging the clients thinking. (NB – you can get more listing tips in our Snapshot program right here)

Show the client how you are more aligned and relevant for the property locally in attracting the selected target market; your database coverage and size will be part of that strategy. 

Talk about your database and provide an ‘edited shortlist’ of people or businesses you would like to quote the property to when listed.  If you know lots of buyers or tenants locally, then it will be hard for a client to ignore your database and ‘edited shortlist’.


Go Further


So, what can you do here to go further with your client and their property issues?

You can develop your marketing recommendations specifically to the property challenge.  You can match your marketing to the target audience in the right way. That requires a deliberate and direct presentational strategy. Preparation is required before you connect with the client.


Preparation to Win the Listing


So, the active word here is ‘preparation’; that’s your job and its where your skills come to the fore.  That is how you will win more listings.  To do that you can:

  1. Check out the location of the property to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the listing from the perspective of a buyer or tenant (as the case may be). You should be prepared to talk about the location in a comprehensive way.
  2. Look for the competing listings and see what prices and rents are on offer. You may need to adopt a selling or leasing strategy that is a bit different.  There is no point in being ‘similar’ in your marketing approach to that of the other properties in the location.  How can your marketing make your listing ‘stand out’?
  3. Determine some good points about the property and its improvements that can be featured in the advertising program and advert copy. Tell the client about those features and show them some examples of ‘draft’ advertising where you can use the features in a positive way.
  4. The inspection process should be a feature of your marketing approach, so tell the client exactly how you will talk about their property and move people in and about the asset during the inspection. That simple strategy helps the client see you as a ‘specialist’ that can solve their asset challenge.
  5. Give the client a timeline of activities that you will be moving through to explain the process. This timeline can be marketing related and should include the ways that you will take the property to the target audience locally and regionally.  Far too many agents and brokers are ‘generic’ and advertise a property hoping that the enquiry will come in.  That strategy is not relevant today in the busy business world and commercial property market that we operate within.  List the property exclusively and then work the listing personally into the location, the businesses, the target markets, and the marketing channels.  You are the difference that the client needs to resolve their property challenge; sell your ideas and services accordingly

These are all ‘benefit statements’ about listing and marketing a commercial or retail property.  You are the person to build on these elements and messages.  Show the client that it is in their interest to use your business services to resolve their commercial or retail property challenge.  Show the client how they can profit and gain from using your ideas for marketing and negotiating with their listing.

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