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In commercial real estate agency each day you will find that things will change or pressures will occur.  On that basis, it is very easy to be redirected or challenged when it comes to getting things done.  As real estate agents, we need to stick to a plan.  We must be in charge of our business day and our efforts.

If you want to create a reasonable market share for yourself, you really do need to get things under control.  When you achieve that control, you need to keep it through reasonable work systems and focus strategies.  The successes that we create in this industry are largely self-generated.  Luck is not part of the process when it comes to being a top agent.

It is a known fact that the agents that are working to a business system and those that are under control, achieve more results when it comes to client connections, listings, and negotiations.  Those agents that are typically out of control or have little in the way of business systems to support them, generally achieve only an average market share.

So there is a message here, and it is clearly that you must control your work activities and pressures if you want to dominate your commercial real estate market and business opportunities.

Here is an example for you.

  • Don’t let your clients, negotiations, or listings postpone your prospecting efforts.  It is very easy to drop prospecting from your daily diary on the basis of having many other things to do.  Over a period of time, lack of prospecting will destroy your market share and lessen your income.
  • Those agents that operate in the ‘average’ zone of performance are typically those that do not have a prospecting model, or do not devote enough time to prospecting on a daily basis.  When they have work to do, they will do anything else but prospecting.

Most ‘average’ agents have very little planning processes to support their daily activities.  They simply do the things that need to be done.  Their lack focus and they lack system.

Putting all of this together, it is wise that you take some time to think about and plan your working week and career.  Here are some ideas to help you.

  1. Devote half a day per week to the planning process.  Generally the best day to do this planning is a Friday.  Take Friday afternoon off to consider the events of the week, and what you want to do next week.
  2. At the end of each day, plan your activities for the next day.  Use a written diary for that process; in that way you will consider the best alternatives available to get the work done.  You can then make good choices when it comes to what needs to be done in and during the following day.
  3. There are certain things in your commercial real estate career that are much more important than others.  In most cases those things involve prospecting, presentations, client connections, listings, inspections, and negotiations.  Taking all of these things individually, it is easy to see that one thing is far more important than everything else.  That will be prospecting.  When you neglect the prospecting process, you lose money.

Take the time to think and plan your working day and your career as a commercial real estate agent.  Create a plan that can take you forward as a specialist agent in the local area.  Understand the pressures that will hit you every day and work through them strategically so that you can get the key issues completed.  Take control of your commercial real estate career and your working day.  That will help you rise to the top of the market as opportunities arise.

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