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Where are things happening in commercial real estate brokerage in your location now?  That is a big question and here is the solution.  The only way to answer it is through a strategic focus in your real estate day.   The property market has changed, and that is something we can work with and do so in several ways.

As a broker or agent, the best way forward for you will be in your organisation and consistent activities at a personal level. 

Nothing else matters in real estate.   Everything is driven from activities; consistency in that process will take you forward.

Set your ‘compass’ on generating new connections with new people.  Some will need your help and others, not so.  In that equation will be your real estate business and the future of it.

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The Things You Need to Know About Property Opportunities

Here are some proven opportunities to set up and grow your market share in brokerage.

  1. Priority precincts – What property zones or precincts do you understand locally and what will those zones offer you in sales and leasing opportunity?  Look at the precincts in your territory and understand the prices and rents in each case.  That then helps you with finding the business and connecting with the people in the location.  Local property information will lead to conversations of relevance with the right people.
  2. VIP list – A list of VIP clients should not be overly long, or extensive.  In saying that, ensure that you know what each of your VIP’s want and is looking for in commercial real estate.  Conversations will lead to that fact and focus. An excellent way to work with these clients will be by through and with the ongoing contact cycles that you create.  Drive your real estate business forward through continuous, direct contact in a comprehensive way.  Ensure that the VIP clients in your database receive that expert touch and directed focus. Every VIP client will have a specific target(s) when it comes to investments over time.  You can work with that, and you can optimise your contact processes around it.  For that reason, only work with a small group of VIP clients; perhaps only 25 in any single group and at any point in time.
  3. Canvassing strategies – How do you connect with new and existing contacts?   That is a big question that has many answers. Notably, the answer must be something that you are prepared to work with every day and improve over time.  Your canvassing strategies can be across the telephone, door knocking, local area canvassing, building or property research, and investor contact.   Establish a system that works for you and expect the system to improve every day.  Things will be difficult at the start, but they will improve.  Strive for improvement.
  4. History of contact – It sometimes takes several ‘contact touches’ to get to a meeting with a targeted person.  That is where and why the contact systems you create in commercial property are so important; let consistency drive your real estate business forward and ‘live in the activity’ of personal contact.  Create a history of personal touch and grow your customer or client relationships through that.   Split up your area, your groups of people and set up a ‘history of contact’ from a base of local property relevance.  In talking to more people every day, you will find the business.  Take the ‘fast track’ to create new business in your location by ensuring that you are optimising your marketing methods.

The property opportunities are always out there when you look deeper into a location.  Know the people, the properties, and the transactions.  Within that equation, you will find your real estate business and the clients that you need.  Consistency is a big part of real estate activity and growth for agents today.  Put some consistency in your local property market and client or customer contact.

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