Happiness is a Big Part of Commercial Real Estate Performance for Agents

When you look at the factors of personal performance in commercial real estate brokerage, ‘happiness’ is a critical component.  In saying that I mean the happiness factor at a personal level that comes with working in professional and supportive brokerage and team.

This is a story worth talking about in that I have seen plenty of cases in my time in the industry where agents have been stifled and restricted by the attitudes and actions of others in a real estate team.  That then has an impact on their thinking and actions; over time they fall back in the levels of listings and commissions.

There is one basic rule in our industry and it goes something like this:

‘When you consistently think productively and positively, things start to happen in new business, because the actions that you take are specific and direct.’

Given this concept, I would strongly advise real estate agents to change brokerage if they are not getting the support that they require, or the good levels of interaction from other team members.  There are always other excellent brokerages out there to move to.   Don’t waste too much time in a brokerage that has problems in management or in the team.

When you are able to think and act correctly in your market, it is a lot easier to compound the results you are getting.  By results I mean:

  • Connecting with new clients
  • Building a database of leads
  • Talking to lots of new business people locally
  • Attracting referral business
  • Holding property inspections in a professional way
  • Negotiating contracts and leases with confidence

In saying all of this, consider the next 12 months and the results that you need from the real estate market. Have you got all of the necessary support around you from the team and the management to allow you to move ahead? Are there any conflicts within the team that will frustrate your progress in commissions and listings? Don’t take too long to understand if things are not working well or if problems have developed. High performing property agents are typically happy and focused in the things that they do.

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