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The process of direct mail in commercial real estate takes some planning and thought; that being said, it is a very powerful complement to brokerage marketing, and new client or listing attraction.  There are people in your location that require property help at some stage, be it now or in the future.

So, your conversions of new business and new clients become something of a timing issue.  When you look at things in that way, you can see the importance of building local area coverage across a number of communication channels.  They are:

  • Telephone calls
  • Direct meetings
  • Door knocking
  • Referrals
  • Zone canvassing
  • Service expansion
  • Investor contacts
  • Business owners by building and by precinct

When you think about it, the email process dominates just about everything that we do.  The traditional letter is therefore now more notable as a marketing tool of choice for brokers and agents.  Typically the system of sending letters involves a number of ideas and each is linked to the other.

Here is a podcast about direct marketing for commercial real estate agents: