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Corporate clients need plenty of property guidance in the running of their businesses.  That is an opportunity for you as a broker or agent.  Choose your corporate clients with a bias towards quality, size, and stability.  Part of your prospecting model should include that focus.

Why is this? It is a changing world where today we can offer specialist help and provide property updates to business owners across local precincts and property types.

As the factors of the internet and online commerce continue to impact manufacturing, sales, and customer service, the property occupancy issues will change, and businesses will upgrade for several reasons.   Investors are feeling and seeing a shift in tenant and business occupancy.  Enquiries for the local property are changing.  Build your database of tenants and investors to suit.

commercial real estate presentation charts.
Charts for commercial real estate presentations


Business Locations and Pressures are Changing

Occupancy costs impact the ‘bottom line’ of any company or corporation; downsizing is common, as is the requirement for relocation.  Administrative teams still require a ‘base’ to work from, but most corporate sales teams are now more mobile than ever before.  Office locations are less important.

So, many companies are looking at the ways they use and occupy space, where that space is, and how cost-effective that is for them.  Efficiencies are important.  In leasing and selling office, industrial, and retail space, you can be the ‘expert’ to help.

What can you do here?  You can work with specific corporate clients in specialised ways. Look at all the businesses in your region and choose to connect with the better ones; the ones that are active and changing.  Many of those local businesses will be looking at a ‘value-based approach’ to property ownership and occupancy.  Refine your service offerings to suit their pressures and priorities.  Try some of these for starters:

  1. Market updates on supply and demand – watch the shifts in new property supply for the region and how that could translate into development activity and building use.
  2. Technology and communication changes – upgrading to faster internet portals and or capable communication systems is something to watch for. The owners of older buildings struggle with that. The tenants in occupancy could be looking to make a move.
  3. Transport and distribution networks – some companies and corporations look to improved distribution networks and access points where they can get products and services to their customers more efficiently and economically. How can you help with that?
  4. Tenant advocacy services – these services are valuable as a corporation or company as a tenant moves through their lease term, and negotiates for space, a better rental, or improved lease terms.
  5. Sale and leaseback strategies – the ‘lease versus ownership’ question arises for many businesses as they seek to release or utilize ‘capital’ that may be locked up in currently owned assets. Some companies that are adjusting how they are to offer services in a region to current customers.  Banking and finance segments are prime examples of that change.
  6. Environmental and green building priorities – energy savings in air conditioning costs, natural light, heating and cooling cost optimization, and floor space efficiencies, are all important today for local companies. You can help with that focus and change.

From these simple and specialized services, you can build a good list of corporate clients to serve in commercial real estate brokerage.

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