Heres What You Should Do For Your Marketing in Brokerage

There are plenty of things that you can do in commercial real estate brokerage to market a property and yourself. Somewhere in that process will be the idea of connecting with a target market. 

Target marketing always produces better results when you tune your media. Talking to people is the key focus in building your real estate business and converting listings.

The fact here is that the agent with a deliberate approach to people locally will find the new real estate business.  How can you reach new people every day? The telephone is the easiest solution to use and should be at the top of the list.  Local area marketing is a good thing.

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Two Rules to Follow

There are also specific things that you can do to market yourself as a specialist in the location for a particular property type. In saying that, the direct mail process works very well as a marketing tool in balance with a number of other marketing strategies that you can deploy in your brokerage career. 

Try these other marketing ideas as well:

  1. Door knocking a zone of 25 businesses a day and leaving your business card.
  2. Taking your existing listings and creating a simple listing sheet to drop into an area or precinct.
  3. Make 50 outbound calls to people, be they, local business owners or investors.
  4. Revisit your current client and contact list to talk about property and property changes
  5. Write a simple article about a property in your location and post it to your social media or blog channel.
  6. Create information about property types and changes in your location as fact sheets

So marketing in commercial real estate is simple, and it just takes a mindset to the process.  Start the simple cycles of contact and you will find the listings you are looking for.

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