Highly Persuasive Advertising Wins in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

It is very easy to see the difference between a great advertising piece for a commercial property, and everything else.  Let’s face the facts; it is the advert that draws the attention of the reader today.  It is our job to ensure that the advert gets read.  In any tough property market, it is the marketing that is really important.  It is a very specific process.  That is why exclusive listings ‘set the benchmark for marketing’ in a tougher property market.  Your advertising must be persuasive and relevant.

Top agents make their property advertising stand out; for every exclusive listing they will devote the time and effort required to send the message and encourage response.  They go the ‘extra mile’ when it comes to sending the message and touching the right target market.

Right now in your property market today there are likely to be several properties that are available in the same category for sale or lease to tenants and buyers.  Choices of property make the decision and the marketing effort all that more delayed or extended.   We have to be clever in reaching the right people.

Here are some rules that can apply to your print and internet advertising of property listings:

  1. Make the headline benefit oriented to the target audience.  Make the headline resonate with the reader.
  2. Use professionally taken photographs below the image of the property to show the property at its best or most interesting angle.
  3. To make property images more interesting, have a main property image as the lead photo, and then overlay 3 thumbnail images on the side to give other aspects of the property.
  4. Below the main photo, continue the property message with a set of dot point features for the property.  5 or 6 dot points should be sufficient.
  5. Use some keywords in the advert that relate to the property market today.  You can get those keywords by using the ‘keywords search tool’ in the main search engines.  Google is great for that.
  6. If you are using the advert in a website or in an email newsletter, use the tracking tools to know how many hits the property is getting.  You can also ‘split test’ a few links in your advert or newsletter to see what links get more response.  ‘Split testing’ is a great tool for assessing and optimising commercial real estate marketing.
  7. If the advert is going in a newspaper or magazine, get the advert placed on the right hand side of the page around the middle to upper side of the page.
  8. Keep sentences and lengthy descriptions to a minimum.  Adults don’t like to read a lot, and generally will not do so when it comes to property advertising.
  9. Use your email and your mobile telephone number to extend the ease of communication and connection to you with interested buyers or tenants.
  10. Put a property reference number on every advert so it is easy for a person to make contact with you and get more information.

These strategies can help your enquires and conversions from every marketing effort.  Track your numbers so you know what is working and what needs to be changed.

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