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How Agents Can Create More Appointment Slots

Every agent today should be focusing on creating more appointment slots in their diary and working day. Appointments lead to discussions with people, and those discussions will lead to listings over time.

If you are looking to grow your real estate business faster, then focus on the one main strategy of creating more appointment slots in your diary. It is not hard but it is a decision. It is all about establishing new conversations with people.

Interviewing More Clients and Prospects

Today’s real estate business is changing and as real estate agents, we can all appreciate the reasons and facts around that, particularly so from the global health event.

Things are heading back to ‘normal’ and the next twelve months will be a time of change and growth for many agents. So, what is ‘normal’ for you in real estate and how could that work now? It’s time to put some strategy into your real estate business.

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Improving and thriving as an Agent

Property Meetings and Appointments

Plenty of our clients now want help with solving property challenges related to investment or occupancy. Have you spoken with all your clients recently?

When you ask the questions of the people that you know, you will find the issues to solve for your clients and prospects. Sales, leasing, or property management are all disciplines where challenges exist. You can work with those real estate challenges and change factors

It is interesting to remember that many property clients today have plenty of money to reinvest, and commercial real estate as an asset class is attractive for that. The asset class is relatively stable and predictable.

Real Estate Agent Podcast Show

In today’s podcast for commercial real estate agents, there are some ideas to help you create more appointments with targeted people. In this property market, that is a good thing.

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