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When it comes to working with any new client or prospect in commercial real estate, the quality of the questions that you ask will help you convert more new business. In addition, those questions will let you get to the point of the listing or marketing process faster.

Better conversations will help you understand the client and their current property challenge or concerns. Of course, they will have problems, but they will not always share that information openly, and that is where questions will help you.

You can do that questioning effectively and directly, which can help your progress towards a listing or closing on a sale or lease. Good questions will let you direct the conversation and the negotiation.

You can also practice your conversations given your property speciality. Know how you approach property facts and client concerns given your property market and the property types.

Top Agents and Top Questions

Top agents always inquire about the client and understand their concerns. Sometimes they go as far as to use a checklist. Those real estate checklists can be readily available in the ‘cloud’ or online and for your immediate use in brokerage.

Take this idea and use it. Those checklists can be refined for sales, leasing, and property management. You can also have separate sets of questions for retail, office, and industrial property.

So make your real estate job much more straightforward, and create those checklists to use in your real estate business.

high rise offices in city
Know the cycles of commercial real estate

Examine the Client Facts

Become a ‘master of the art of questioning’. Information will give you more leverage to convert or win listings. Direct questioning will help you convert more transactions.

Where can you start with this? First, there will be questions aligned to the critical factors of the property, the client, and the location. Then, the answers that you get will help you move to a better point of negotiation or closure on a critical point, or perhaps the listing itself.

Queries Uncover Facts

Here are some factors to work with around that idea. First, become more proficient in questioning clients and prospects.

Knowing the different property types you work with now, what questions could you ask about these factors?

  1. Property improvements and function
  2. Timing of sale or lease
  3. The history of the property ownership
  4. The existing income stream from rents and outgoings
  5. The other rentals in the property
  6. The ultimate price targeted by the client
  7. The leases in the asset now plus any vacancies
  8. The tenants in the tenant mix and the stability of the tenant mix
  9. The reasons why the client purchased the property
  10. The design of the property and building code compliances
office leasing chart with questions to ask.
Real estate questions in leasing

Expand Your Questions

Every one of these items can be expanded into several questions. As you get into the detail, you can explore the ultimate results a client is looking for. You may also uncover client concerns and questions.

Information gathering can be the basis of growing your real estate listing process and all property presentations today. Ask better questions to win the real estate business.

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