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When working with a listing and with a new client, your focus on handling the listing with a particular promotional strategy will be a key part of keeping things on track.  The objective approach works well.

Ultimately you want all your efforts pointing towards a successful outcome with your listing and for your client.  Exclusive listings require lots of ‘objectivity’. That involves action and a strategic approach.

The property market has changed for sure over recent time, and that says we can change as well. There are new people and property situations to tap into.

The Authentic Approach

Think about your property market. What did you do yesterday and could things have been better? It all comes down to how many people you talk to each day and how you keep that process moving ahead.

Your goal in this property market can be to talk to a certain number of people each day and your listings are reasons to create those conversations. That will then help you with inspections and transaction potential.

Setting True Boundaries

What is the message here? Set clear objectives that the client can understand, and thereby see the value in using you as the local agent.  They know that they need a good agent as part of solving their property challenge. 

The best real estate agents are connecting and convincing in what they are saying about and doing with a property listing. The campaign process is clear and staged across time.  The reach into the target market.

When a client sees that the agent has a strategy, confidence, and communication, the listing process gets a lot easier.  You can put your strategy into that as well. 

Genuine Marketing Purpose

The marketing of commercial real estate today is not an ‘experiment in marketing’, but a very definite process.  Trends and opportunities are changing; different people are moving into the property market from a buying and investment perspective.

So, do you want to move ahead in this market?  Clear objectives will help you in all stages of your property activities from the initial prospecting to the completion of a transaction. 

From listing, through marketing, to inspections and negotiations, your objectivity will help in many ways to activate enquiry, create inspections, and close on a transaction faster. 

In any property market in most towns or cities, there are always property opportunities to work with.  Are you ready for the challenge? Connect with more people and get organised around that.

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Brokerage Ideas and Actions

To open the topic for you, and give you more strategies within that, think about these stages of client service and listing promotion:

  1. Timing of the campaign – every listing can be optimised to a timed campaign of marketing and promotion.  Start your campaign for the sale or lease using a base logic of time and stage your activities to that.  You can spread out your marketing processes to ensure momentum and coverage.
  2. First week – For example, and initially, you could spend the first week of the campaign reaching out to the specific people in the targeted groups that you believe should be on your shortlist.  Having a shortlist of targets is a good thing.
  3. Second week – The second week could be local area marketing to the property owners and business leaders in the precinct.  That strategy is all about going deeper into a location to ensure you are reaching all the right people who may want to know about the property.
  4. Third week – The third week could be spent making calls and revisiting all the people in your database that have looked at properties in the region over the last 12 months.  Go back over your lists and inspections from other property campaigns.
  5. Talking with others – From the three intense weeks of a timed promotional campaign, you have plenty of reasons to talk to others.  Use that to your greatest advantage. Use your listings to talk to people locally and frequently. A simple conversation repeated across the day will lead to property requirements with some people.
  6. Target audience – when you set a firm ‘target audience’ for the property it makes your marketing easier, more valuable, and specific.  Your advertising can also be optimised in layout and wordage for the target readership.  Set your targets on the people that you believe will be the ideal people you want to purchase or lease the property. 
  7. Reaching a targeted group – Help your client understand just how you will be reaching into the target audience that you have defined and set for the property marketing campaign.  You can build lots of contact strategies around your defined target audiences.
  8. Property features – every property for sale or lease will have features worth talking about quite specifically.  Most agents do that, but in a generic way and in so doing, fail to ‘excite’ their target audience to make calls of enquiry and or see the property. 
  9. Selected features – When you have defined the property features, choose the best five or six, and then set about defining them in a creative and attractive way.  You can use a thesaurus app on your mobile telephone to get ideas about words that can help you in advertising and marketing layouts.

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A Factual Property Approach

  1. Positioning the property – the concept here is easy to work with.  It is the setting of a picture or story about the property and positioning it in the current property market as part of that.   The strategy will allow you to talk about the property offering in a positive way. There may also be stories within history that you can share and merge into your marketing and enquiries.
  2. History about the property – when you have a firm idea about the property today and the history around it, your marketing objectives are easier to work with.  What can you share about the ‘history’ of the property and the local precinct or area.  Think about land use, previous owners, other businesses in the area, and the improvements.
  3. Inspections – your objectives in any inspection will be to display the best elements of the property in an organised way to encourage progress in the transaction for the client.  From that strategy, you can usually get comments from the inspecting parties that will help in negotiations or moving towards them.
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Whats Your Target?

Are you setting clear objectives in your listing and marketing of a property listing?  Can you improve on these ideas, so you are even more objective in what you say and do for your clients? 

As the property market shifts and changes, be very objective in what you say and do for your clients.  As part of that, ensure that you are getting an exclusive listing and you are controlling that listing for a period of time of at least 4 months.  There is no point in being objective with an open listing where you cannot control the listing stock and the marketing.

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