How Resetting Your Property Advertising Can Boost Your Inquiry and Inspections

You should never leave your commercial property adverts untouched for more than a couple of weeks.  The issue here is that you can and should refresh your exclusive listings so you can build your target market interest.  The first impression of a property advert may be ‘plain and boring’ to some people.  So the revamping of the advert with fresh photos and or text will keep the property listing alive and broaden reader interest.


Understand your property market for what it is in enquiry, listings, and growth.  There are always plenty of competing properties in the market all chasing the same buyers or tenants.  A marketing refresh is a good thing for your listings.  So the update can happen every 3 to 4 weeks.  As part of that you can be changing all of the following:


  • Words
  • Feature points
  • Photographs
  • Headline statements
  • Editorial
  • Articles


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A Specific Marketing Focus for Commercial Properties



Taking this a bit further.  How can you lift your marketing profile and listing promotional activity?  Here are some ideas:


  1. Location – Think of the area, the suburb, or the city where the property is located.  What are the locational words that mean something to the buyers or tenants in the targeted group of people for your listing?  Perhaps some street names are more of a ‘draw card’ than others, so you could use those carefully selected names to attract people.  Our industry thrives on people, enquiry, and quality buildings.  When you have some good building to talk about, make sure that you do exactly that. Put your location into your advertising.
  2. Keywords – What are the words that someone would type into the search engines when looking for a listing like that you have on your books.  They are the keywords for your advertising for the property.  Put the keywords into logical sentences and feature points in the advertising layout.  Get away from the generic approach when it comes to property descriptions.  Read your advertisements a few times so you are covering off on the typos, the descriptions, and the factors of attraction that will suit the target market.  The keywords that you put in your property advertising are really important.
  3. Photographs – Great photographs are worth a thousand words.  When you put high-quality words with your crafted advertisements, the hit factors on the internet generally start to lift.  Recognise that the first few weeks of your campaign are the most important to pull in the interest to make the most of the enquiry at the start of the campaign, and ‘tweak’ your advertising copy as you proceed.
  4. Dot points – Sometimes it is hard to get all of the property features into confined words of an advertisement; that is where dot points work.  Get a few resources around you to support the writing of advertisements; a thesaurus is a valuable marketing resource.  When in any doubt about the message that you are writing about a property, ask another person to review your draft advertisement.
  5. Property features – Determine a group of features that will apply to the property and the location. Don’t take the ‘generic approach’ to property marketing; use words that are different and yet still relevant.  You can get plenty of ideas for that from other magazines and property related publications.


Taking all of this into account, what you are really doing here is refining your target marketing.  You are getting away from the standard approach to property advertising that other agents are using, and you are endeavouring to make your property advert more active and direct.  Over time that will help you boost your enquiries and your inspection frequencies.


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