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In the competitive world of commercial real estate brokerage, there is always the challenge for you as to how your services and property solutions can be more ‘attractive and relevant’ to clients and prospects. Why should they listen to you and why should they list their property with you?

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In the answer to that question, there will be the ‘leverage points’ to grow your real estate business. You can always do more with less when you direct your efforts in brokerage.

Simplification is a good thing in brokerage today. Concentrate on certain things that you can do regularly and create in client contact, service, and marketing. Don’t ‘overload’ your working day or your property activities; always keep things simple.

In this eBook, you can learn the ways to make your property solutions stand out with your clients or the people you would like to convert to ‘client status’.

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How to Attract Sellers in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. A special report by John Highman

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