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How to Attract More Clients in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Send the right message to the people in your contact list in commercial real estate.  Make the contact yourself.  So many brokers and agents use ‘other people’ and even call centres to canvass and contact the people in their database.  It is a bad move; it is disrespectful and shows the people in your database that you really don’t care about contact relationships.  So what can happen here?  It can disconnect a broker or agent from their client list and potential transactions.  (NB – you can get more commercial real estate skills in our free brokerage course right here)

Whilst time is always important in the brokerage business, the process of substituting yourself with a ‘call centre person’ is a really poor strategy; especially if you want to drive better market share.  You have to talk to the people, like it or not.  Its a critical part of your business.

Are you the Best Choice?

Clients and prospects in commercial property investment like to see and hear that they are respected in business, and not just another ‘number’ to call.  They like to be spoken to professionally.  You are the person to do that.  You can bring your clients into your conversations and build a ‘property need profile’ given that you understand your clients and the local property market better than anyone else.

Attracting New Business and Clients

The idea here is that you can attract more business locally with both listings and clients, if you put yourself into the contact marketing process; by that I mean ‘talking to the people yourself’.  Make the contact with all of the people in your database in a regular and ongoing way.  Let people hear your voice and show them that you care about local property issues; a ‘call centre’ person cannot do that.

Here are some ways that you can talk to the people in your contact list and build a better business profile:

  1. Problem solver – Look for the local property problems and focus your direct marketing into those issues. People need your help, and that fact should not be forgotten.  Put problem solving into your property presentations and cold calling methods.
  2. Expert marketer – Talk about your listings currently in the local area. Share information about recent levels of enquiry, prices, and rents.  Locally based information is always useful and interesting to business owners and investors.
  3. Action taker – Show people the action strategies that you take with local listings, and tell them why your approach is relevant and real for the conditions of the local property market. Property owners like to work with agents that get the job done and can prove it.
  4. Real provable results – When you make a sale or lease, create a case study from the process. You can then use those case studies as you connect with your clients and prospects.  The results from any sale or lease in a location are valuable and interesting to those people that you know.
  5. Constant contact – Keep in regular contact with a good group of qualified people. In your database you should have several hundred people that you know and can connect with; they will take your call when you make it.  Notice that I said ‘several hundred people’ and not ‘thousands’.  The fact of the matter is that within your database you should have a VIP group of people that you connect with in a deeper and more relevant way; they are your VIP’s for reasons that you have identified.
  6. Property specialization – Are you a true property specialist for a location? Can you talk deeply about price and rental trends over a location and a group of buildings?  If you are to be an industry specialist, you must have a positive answer to both of those questions, and you should be prepared to talk comprehensively in your client and prospect connections.

So there are some good things that you can do here in connecting with local business owners and property investors.  You can send the right message in a professional way as you look for the new business in commercial real estate.

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