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How to Attract or Find More Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So how can you find some new listings for your real estate business? Any as part of that, how can they be ‘better quality’ listings; the ones that pull in the enquiry?

The key to the process is in taking action every day; that is an action that is devoted to finding the property leads, changes, and events in the market. In this podcast today, we can help with that.

Think About Growth

What can you do with your growth strategies? We can give you ideas around that, so you can concentrate your efforts in your real estate business.

Work into your property market, and do so with concentration; the new business and clients that you want will be there. See it, convert it, and build your real estate brand.

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Build your listing momentum. Build your conversations each day.

Local Property Facts

There is a fact here to know. As a Commercial Real Estate Broker, it is relatively easy to find properties to list for sale or lease if you work to a system each day. As you improve that system, you will find people, properties, situations, and events to work through and with.

Some property situations take considerable effort and experience to resolve. Be prepared to challenge yourself to find the work and resolve the ‘property pain’ that some people may be experiencing; it will be there, and they will be wanting professional help.

The factor ‘brand’ you can work with here is that you are a ‘problem solver’ and so market yourself accordingly.

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It’s all up to you.

Where Are You Headed?

What’s the target? The real issue is in getting to the people and the properties on the terms and conditions that will allow you to convert more opportunity from the process. The quality of the property and the methods of sale or lease will help greatly when it comes to converting the final deal.

Take your listings on the basis of the best methods of sale or lease based on market situations and circumstances. Here is the podcast.

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Start your systems today.

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