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How to be a Commercial Property Leads Pro

Every agent wants to find more leads in commercial real estate in their town or city.  A lead generation model helps that happen. 

Think about the last 12 months in your industry and in your property market.  How were the listings and leads for you?  Did you get better leads than your competitors?  

The quality of a lead should not be underestimated.  More importantly, did you convert those leads directly and consistently?

A successful agent is soon known as a top agent for the area and property type. The message spreads around the market.  Local signboards and advertising will help you consolidate your brand in that way; that is when leads will tend to come to you because you are seen as successful and known.  Don’t forget to test and measure with what you are doing and seeing.

Whats your model for leads?

Here is a lead generation model that you can use locally and conveniently in your brokerage business; do it every day and you will soon find the people that need property help.  We are property solution providers, correct?

Understand your position in the property market given these facts and then take direct action:

  1. Contact all local businesses in a meaningful way – you can always contact local people and particularly the business owners. Some of those people will be seeking more space, moving, or contracting.  They haven’t got the time to look into things themselves, but they do require solutions.  So what can you do with that?  You can provide local information about rents, prices, availability, current and future supply of space.  Remember that our industry is supply and demand based.  Local economic sentiment will drive business growth and enquiry; you are part of that cycle of activity.  Put yourself into the local business cycles.
  2. Approach all property owners on a street by street basis – you can and should delve into the local streets on a logical basis. What are the property owners and occupiers thinking?  When will they be taking the next step in property occupation or acquisition?  Simple questions like these help you with leads and prospects to help.  Get closer to the people that are making property choices soon.  Show them how you can help.
  3. Identify and connect with the property investors for your location – some investors are holders of quality property for the longer term. Get to know them and what they are looking for when it comes to property purchase and investment.  What is a good investment to them?
  4. Review the sale records for the area over the last 5 years – when you check out the records of sales and leasing over the last few years, you will see businesses and names to contact. Some of those names and identities will still be active locally with property.  They may be getting to the next property activity for investment or occupancy.
  5. Watch the business reports and local media for corporate changes – a simple article in the local newspaper or on the internet can open up ideas for reaching out to businesses locally. Watch the businesses that are active and under change.  A business appointing a new CEO will be a good reason to make contact in a direct way.  Send a letter of congratulation and make direct contact.  Make a telephone call and see if you can get a meeting with the new appointee.
  6. Ask for referrals at the right time in your client transactions and prospect activity – it is always easier to make contact with new people through the referrals process. Use the momentum that you have in the property business now to identify other people that you can help.
  7. Put a pipeline contact process into your database – a contact pipeline is a simple list of things that you can do regularly with the right people. It takes months if not years for some of your prospects and clients to move to the next level of action with their property choices.  Be there when they need you.  Ask the right questions and provide the best local property information.
  8. Direct mail campaigns should be targeted to industry groups – when you send out any direct mail piece, get in contact by the telephone a few days later. A good letter followed up by a telephone call can help you reach out to important people that might otherwise be hard to reach in a corporate or business structure.

So there are some things that you can do here to find more property leads.  Diligence and momentum will take you to the next level of momentum.  It doesn’t matter where you start your lead generation model, but it does matter that the model is shaped and improved over time.

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