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How to Be a Major Player with New Business

In commercial real estate brokerage, the systems that you apply to your real estate day will help you get more traction with listings and clients.

As simple as it seems, there are some disciplines to apply to your real estate day. In this podcast today, we help you with those agent actions and real estate skills that can help you get more new business around you faster.

As this real estate market changes, you can be part of the change to find those clients and prospects you are seeking.

Schedule your day with a plan of action, so the day becomes a roadmap of brokerage activity. That is the game plan in real estate today. Try the ideas yourself.

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A Plan of Action

Think about how your last few months have been in commercial property, then consider how you can tap into more property owners and business leaders. By creating fresh and new conversations each day you will find the business you require.

To be a major player in your real estate market, it is simply a matter of developing your real estate day in a systematic way so your actions and connections with people improve.

Boost Your Prospect Connections

Check out the commercial real estate podcast here so you can merge some new activities into your diary and your actions with clients and prospects.

Ultimately real estate growth comes from talking to people; not in any major way the social media, or online marketing that you are doing. Create more conversations and go forward in your real estate business.

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