How to be a Marketing Leader in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

High quality marketing campaigns in commercial real estate produce better levels of inbound enquiry and on that basis can help you grow your listings, commissions, and client base.  If you look at the local media and also online you will see significant differences in the methods of marketing used with different properties.

Think about these simple promotional facts:

  • The best agents and brokers typically convert better levels of enquiry from their marketing efforts.
  • Property buyers and tenants are attracted to a well-crafted advertisement copy and property photo.
  • Some methods of marketing are highly successful in reaching certain target markets of buyers and tenants.

You can do a lot when it comes to promoting a commercial or retail property for sale or lease.  Marketing decisions supported by vendor paid marketing funds will help you attract better levels of inbound enquiry.  Good quality exclusive listings deserve the best promotional solutions available.

A Real Estate Marketing Leader?

So how can you be a market leader in commercial real estate marketing?  There are many ways to achieve the best enquiry result for the property that you are listing, so here are a few ideas to help put you on the right track:

  1. PROFILE: Build a personal profile for sales and leasing activity within a property type and specific location. Drill down in your prospecting activities so you know all the property owners, the market players, and the decision makers locally for the property type.  That then allows you to become an expert in recent property trends and information.  It also makes your prospecting activities a lot easier.
  2. KNOW WHAT WORKS: Understand the most successful methods of marketing and promotion for the location and the property type. Certain promotional methods will be attracting better levels of inbound enquiry.  Track your marketing efforts so you know exactly what those promotional strategies are.  You can then pitch your listing strategies accordingly and hopefully support your marketing recommendations with real facts.
  3. PERSONAL PROFILE: Create a personal profile online by creating a blog and writing a series of articles about the property market for the location. Soon the search engines will see that you are not just another agent or broker for the location.  If your clients search your name now on the internet, what would they find?  If they only find listings then you are not doing enough online to bolster your image and personal relevance in the market.  You should have plenty of things to talk and write about when it comes to your town, location, property type, and the property market trends.
  4. IMAGES AND PHOTOS: Use high quality photos with all your listings and in all your marketing campaigns. Good images attract better levels of enquiry.  Professional photography is a client cost in your campaign.  Video is also a useful strategy with online advertising on the portals and in your websites.  The video should also be professionally prepared.
  5. PROFESSIONAL HELP: You can get your draft advertising copy ‘tweeked’ by a professional copywriter. The right headline, words and descriptive phrases will go a long way to helping your sales and leasing enquiries.
  6. TARGET AUDIENCE: Spread your marketing campaigns so that the best coverage is achieved to attract the target audience. Design the campaign for the target audience and not the budget of the client.  Your listing pitch should have sold the benefits of ‘marketing spend’.
  7. TIMING: Time your campaigns for the best coverage and enquiry. Certain times of year will be better than others when it comes to property promotion.

So the message here is that promoting a commercial or retail property for sale or lease is quite a special process.  The greater the amount of time you spend in the marketing planning process, the better the enquiry outcome.

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