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There is a reason you should focus on leasing commercial office properties. Go local in your tenant canvassing and landlord contact. Get to know what is going on with local vacancy issues and premises opportunity. In today’s podcast, we tell you how to do that.

If you are going to look for some of the leasing business in the local area, choose the best properties to work on and the quality clients to work for.  Be selective in your tenant and building contact processes.

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There is a real reason for this leasing focus.  Small and single properties are usually ‘hard work’ to lease; its harder to find the tenants that are interested in the lower quality buildings or locations.  Also remember that if the base rent is small, your fee for a successful leasing transaction will also be smaller. 

Local Area Leasing Focus

Dig into your local area for the better businesses and the investors that need property leasing help. Focus your leasing effort on quality properties with good fee potential.

In today’s podcast you can learn how to:

  • Work with the better quality vacant properties
  • Choose businesses that need leasing help
  • Find lots of businesses in your region that could be future clients
  • How to re-think your leasing focus to include other tenant segments

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