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In commercial real estate today, there are plenty of ‘paths’ to take when it comes to particular property types or locations to work. Where can you become a ‘pro’ sales agent?

Think about your city and your territory. Make some choices. This video today will help you understand the process.

It is time for action. It is all about the agent process and planning to attract more sales listings to your inventory in commercial real estate today. Think about your clients and your listings.

In this video, we share one of the proven plans of real estate action that you can consider for your location and preferred property types.

Game Plan for Agents

What can be the target for you this year? Strive to become a top agent in your location, or at the very least, improve your market share. Develop a high-quality client list to support your business activities over the coming years.

Where can you start with this ‘channel’ of opportunity? This is a new property cycle, so there are things that you can do now to move ahead. Your tactics can change and shape into this new property market.

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Create better client contact systems in real estate

Approach People

People are crucial to progress. They are the local people that own or occupy buildings. Some buildings and properties are more important than others, so set some rules in your diary about that. Put real estate conversations and meetings at the centre of your daily journal.

Look for the changes in the market. Look for the people that are thinking about change. Watch how people and property situations are changing.

Engagement is the key. Design your diary of prospecting so you can reach out to local people, property owners, or business owners.

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Start setting your workflow plans for Brokerage

Plan of Action for Agents

The ‘roadmap’ to more sales activity today involves people and how you can connect with them. Everything in commercial real estate comes down to engaging with people and exploring property situations.

Not everyone you talk to will require help on property matters, but some will. That is why you can and should speak to plenty of people daily.

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