How to Break Away from the Sales Competition in Commercial Brokerage

When you work as a commercial real estate broker or agent, your position in the market is critical to your attraction of new property listings and conversion of good quality clients.  An analysis of your competition is therefore valuable as the year starts and progresses.  Know your position in the local area as an industry specialist; strive to improve that position as the year progresses.

Expect things to change, and work with the changes that you see in your real estate listing territory.

Most clients will choose a property agent based on local knowledge and professional skills, market domination, and the potential to convert their property to a positive result.  Any listing presentation with a client should be focused mainly on those issues, and then the opportunities that can exist in resolving the client’s challenge.


Local Stories and Focus

Tell locally based property related stories as part of your client meeting or connection.  Stories will help them engage with your ideas and recommendations.  Professional presence in the property market will help you connect with your clients comprehensively.

So how can you ‘break away’ from the sales competition in your location?  Try some of these for starters:

  1. Specialised Property Coverage – keep your property focus to a location and particularly within fixed boundaries. Know every property and every major property owner in the location.  Do the research and keep the connections going with the right people.   Know the buildings and the streets comprehensively.  Ask questions and talk to plenty of local people.
  2. Signboards – choose your signboard locations with care and a focus towards ‘visibility’. Get plenty of property signs into your location or defined business territory.  Signs placed on major buildings will give you a significant marketing advantage.  Local property owners will connect with you to talk about local property problems.
  3. Demand exclusivity – you do not have time to work on ‘open listings’. Most of your listings should be based on ‘exclusivity’, so make that your ‘rule’; that bias gives you property control as you move to attract buyers and enquiry.
  4. Website coverage – every exclusive listing placed on the brokerage website should be linked back to your email database list. Integrate the website listings to your regular email ‘blasts’ and keep those email connections relevant to a location and or property type.  That focus will help you lift your email ‘opens’.
  5. Online Marketing – there are different things that you can do online with your property listings. Articles, editorials, and social media connections are examples of that and will help with client and prospect engagement.  Make your online marketing processes superior to that of your competitors.
  6. Direct Marketing – every listing is taken to the local area of buyers, property owners, and business owners. That is how you get the message out.  The more comprehensively that you can do that, the better things will be for you with the enquiry and local area dominance.  Talk to people directly; that is the message.
  7. Targeting Clients and Prospects – a bit of ‘focus’ in your property prospecting will help with your specialisation in the local area. Create a list of clients by ‘priority’, property location, and timing.  In those categories will be VIP’s for deeper and ongoing contact.

So, there are some ‘deep’ and direct things for you to do here in personal marketing.  They can help position you locally as a ‘superior’ broker or agent.  Break away from the competition and stand out as the agent of choice for real and superior reasons.

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