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How to Build Valuable Business Relationships in Commercial Property Leasing for More Listings

The leasing process in commercial and retail property can be improved by a simple degree of personal organisation and directed action. There are always vacancies to fill and tenant mixes to improve.   

So, you can take action in the three key segments of the market.  That action is in connecting with quality landlords, tenants or business owners, and property developers. The information gleaned from those connections will help you with the entire leasing process.

Get to know the people, that’s the message.  Focus on quality buildings at all times; that is how you can boost your inquiry.

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Before saying too much more about the topic, the best way to build your commercial or retail real estate leasing business will be from a base of high-quality property listings.

That is where you will get the best levels of enquiry in a location; enquiry for quality property leads to opportunity and inspections. 

Determine where the better buildings are in your precinct or territory.  Check out the vacancy factors, and connect with the property owners.

Here is the podcast about that:

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