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In commercial real estate brokerage today, there are many things to think about and work with when it comes to business development. There are people and property situations to be matched and worked with.  

As the property market shifts and changes, consider the groups of people mentioned in this podcast to help you find your listings and grow your market share.

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Take steps and strategies to improve your real estate career.

New Conversations Reach New People

Most of the new business that you generate as a broker or an agent in your location will be from the conversations that you create with new people.

Forget about the hype associated with social media and every other variation of online marketing. Most of the new business you create will be through the face-to-face process with the right people at the right times. That is why your database is integral to your success as an agent over time.

So where can you start looking when it comes to finding those clients and prospects to engage with? A particularly good source of contact will be the business telephone book for your location.

If you have a small list of prospects now in your database, try using the business telephone book to engage with more people and create questions and conversations around property needs.

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Change and Churn in Property Today – Podcast

Look for the situations of property change and churn in your location. Ask questions of property owners regards their tenants, their neighbours, and other property investments they may have. Simple questions like that will lead you into real estate conversations, referrals, and new business leads.

One other strategy to consider here as you move through this overall new business strategy will be the type of client that would be worthwhile pursuing in a regular and steady way. Developing some clarity on your client base helps you identify where to find the right people, and what to do as part of engagement and ongoing connections.

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