tips for leasing leads and opportunities in commercial and retail real estate

Here are some ideas in this commercial real estate podcast to help you elevate your levels of engagement and contact with good quality tenants and landlords in commercial real estate leasing.

Delve into your local area and check things out fully.  Get to know the vacancy factors and the changes in building occupancy.  Some buildings will be more ‘popular’ with tenants than others.  Modern buildings will also attract tenants more directly.  There are things to think about as you grow your leasing activities with vacancies and buildings locally.  Of course, there are things for you to know.


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Leasing involves a number of variables such as rents, rent types, incentives, and ideal lease terms. The landlord will have a property that is suited to certain conditions of tenant occupancy so give them the proven leasing alternatives to consider; also make the recommendations that will package the property and rental returns for investment improvement.



commercial real estate leasing matrix with arrows and names
The commercial and retail leasing channels of opportunity.