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Just about every agent is looking for new listings at the moment. That focus is because the stock is slow to come to market and investors are deciding what to do with their properties and or investment activities.

The common question asked today is ‘If I sell my property now, what will I get to replace it?’ The question is logical but it should be ‘split up’ to deal with the issue. The answer is simple when you really break things down.

So it is a seller’s market at the moment and it is perhaps the most active cycle we have seen for a long time for that. Some sellers are deciding what they want to do. Of course, there are a lot of buyers waiting for good stock to be released.

When a good property comes to market, it usually sells quickly at a good price. So that then is a ‘seller’s market’. Rarely will you have a seller’s market and a buyers market active at the same time. As commercial real estate agents, we need to explain that. Commercial real estate investment is a ‘timing’ issue.

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How to Tap Into The Property Cycle Now

Are you ready to work in this new property cycle? The logic of buying and selling commercial real estate today works something like this.

  1. Given that it is a seller’s market and good prices are possible and even likely, it will not stay that way forever. Sellers who want to ‘cash in’ on the opportunity are best advised to sell ASAP to get the best prices. It is our job to explain that.
  2. When a property is sold today, those ‘cashed up’ sellers are then best to wait with their ‘new cash’ for the buying cycle to take shape. Better prices are then possible from a purchase perspective
  3. Right now today, as agents, we should be helping property investors with properties that could sell, understand the real ‘timing’ message that has to be shared with property owners and potential sellers of property.

Good properties sold at top prices are a product of timing and the adjustment of market elements.

Have a listen to the podcast today to see how you can connect with more commercial real estate clients to help them with the sell decisions and timing factors.

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