How to Commit to a Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

In commercial real estate agency you must be fully committed to your career and market share.  Success as an agent doesn’t come easily to any person.  Definite things should be done every day to take you that bit closer to the targets that you seek in commissions, clients, and listings.

‘Luck’ is not much benefit when it comes to finding the right clients to work for and the best listing to convert to sales or leasing opportunities.  Every good property and client relationship comes from real effort on a daily basis.  The factors of ‘trust’ and ‘relevance’ can take substantial time to establish with your prospects and clients.

Commitment is a strong word and yet it is very relevant to how you build your business as an agent.  Here are some key issues that should feature as a ‘commitment’ in your property career:

  1. Property ‘knowledge’ is a requirement of the job.   So how much ‘knowledge’ do you really have?  ‘Knowledge’ in the market place is quite different to that of ‘information’.  Many agents have plenty of information, but do they have the ‘knowledge’?  The clients that we serve want solutions to complex property problems; that is where the ‘knowledge’ is quite important.
  2. Experience in the local area with different property types and situations will help you solve the client’s property challenge.  The good thing about our industry is that every situation is different and therefore you can specialise to a great degree in sales, leasing, and property management.  Specialist property experience will help you win listings.
  3. We have lots of ‘tools and systems’ at our disposal today.  We have databases, websites, blogs, social media, mobile telephones, laptops, and digital cameras, just to name a few.  Choose some of the tools that you can really relate to and use them to the fullest of their capability.
  4. The word ‘ethics’ is a challenge for some in our industry.  Where listings and commissions are available, the ethics of matters can be forgotten or discarded.  It is interesting to note that the best top agents today are highly professional and ethical.  They get known for their ethics and professionalism.  Agents that ‘break or bend the rules’ really don’t last long.  They get a name and image that spreads around the market to other agents, clients and prospects.  Soon the ‘players’ in the market are turning away from them.

Set benchmarks and targets for yourself that can help you move up in property size and type.  Put in place a plan of focus and effort that will drive better market share.  Stick to your plan in every way possible.

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