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How to Compile Effective Listing Presentation Packs in Commercial Real Estate Sales

As you move around your property market each day and talk to many people, the opportunity will regularly arise where you can pitch and present your ideas related to sales and the marketing of the client’s property.

It directly follows that you should have all your presentation tools and ideas readily available to use and engage the thinking of the client with their asset.  Preparation is the key to winning your new business and listings.  Are you ready to win some business?

There is nothing ordinary in listing and promoting a commercial property for sale today.  The systems behind the process are special and real; there is no need to be ‘average’ in your client engagement and or property recommendations.


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Designing Your Sales Listing Pack


Here are some of the things that I have used in sales presentation packs.  You can have them in ‘hard copy’ and also on your laptop or tablet computer.  Preparation is the key to winning the thinking and attention of the clients needing property help.

  1. Campaign samples – there are different ways to promote a property so have some samples and examples used in other successful campaigns. Give the client some choices of different campaigns that allow them to make choices with cost and timing.
  2. Signboard samples – a professionally prepared signboard on the property will always be valuable to pull in the interest of the local people, the investors, and the business owners. Local area branding and other signboards that you have placed in the property area or precinct will also help you with enquiry and inspections.  Help the client see that importance.
  3. Advertising alternatives and comparisons – any good quality listing should be supported by 3 or 4 variations of advertising; the variations should be in size and layout. The different layouts can be distributed into the different media alternatives both online and offline.
  4. Online marketing – you will have an array of portals, websites, social media, and email marketing to talk about here. The campaign strategy can be comprehensive in how it handles those things.  Put yourself into online marketing processes, and explain to the client why that will be important.
  5. Local area marketing – know how you will get the property message out in the local area. That is a specific strategy, and every exclusive listing requires that process.  Talk about your processes of ‘local area engagement’.
  6. Editorial samples – every good quality property will need an editorial that can circulate in the newspapers, the social media channels that you use. Have a few editorials from previous campaigns ready to use and display to the client.
  7. Photographs professionally done– good quality property photos are critical in any property promotion. Show the client the differences between property listings when it comes to using the professional photos.
  8. Social media engagement – you should be using at least three social media portals with your listings and market updates. Create a matrix of social media where you can apply your exclusive listings to the property market and your known acquaintances.
  9. Search engine priorities – you can ‘buy’ a ‘ad-word package’ for the property and listing. Many top agencies do that today. Think about the portals that you want to use in the property promotion.  Use keywords in your advertising layouts to focus the search engines on the property, its precinct, and its features.
  10. Brochures of promotion – the brochures that you create should be professionally prepared both in wordage, and layout; that is a vendor cost. You can then distribute the brochures online in the websites that you use, the email marketing systems that integrate into your database, and then through the direct mail systems that are available.
  11. Timelines and tactics – make some clear recommendations as to how you would list the client’s property and how you would get the listing to the right target market of buyers.
  12. Defining a target market – it directly follows from the previous point that you should be very clear about who and what the target market of buyers should be for the asset. Weave a story into your presentation about the target market and how you would engage the property into it.
  13. Exclusivity – don’t waste your time on ‘open’ listings. Control your listing stock and be prepared to walk away from those clients that ask you to list in that way.  You simply must control your time and thereby the listings that you work on.

Given these things, vendor paid marketing funds will be required, so talk about that and explain how the process works in promoting any good quality commercial or retail property for sale.  You need vendor paid marketing funds, so design your pitch for the listing around that fact.  If you have ‘covered off’ on these things mentioned above, it should be quite easy to ask for the listing.

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