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How to Connect with More Real Estate Clients

In commercial real estate today, your clients and the contact process you use with them will provide the best foundation for increasing market share. It doesn’t get much more fundamental than that.

Several agents in the field have had long-term success with the business process of contact cycles. Also, the way you act and the way you do things will help you move forward in your real estate business as an agent.

Get some systems around telephone prospecting

Client Lists Start Here

When building your real estate business, look firstly at your client list and your prospecting system for finding new people to put in your client list. Most agents don’t have sound systems focusing on that growth aspect.

So, this is the advantage you can use as a broker or agent. In summary, it is all about finding new people interested in commercial property and creating long-term conversations with the right property people who could take a step forward with selling, leasing, or buying.

Contact Routines for Agents

Brokerage is about making a system for getting in touch with clients that you can use during your workday and week.

Every day, you can do certain things and get involved with more people. When you connect with those people, you promote your “specialisation” and your real estate relevancy where you can help.

Connections and conversations create new real estate business. It is a fundamental and simple rule to follow; discipline is part of that.

Agent Client Growth Strategy

So, this is what a real estate growth system for agents would look like, and you can add your variations to the suggestions:

  1. Focus on property types – It is wise to choose certain property types that you know are ‘active’ for the real estate enquiry that you have currently: the property market shifts and changes. Certain property types will attract more property enquiry from clients in either sales or leasing activity. Make the right choices around that.
  2. Set fixed prospecting areas, both primary and secondary – This is a geographical process where you define your high-priority prospecting zone and the secondary precinct. It is usually representing regions within roads, precincts, and suburbs.
  3. Determine the best clients to target – Not all clients are equal in commercial real estate. You will have investors, business owners, developers, and property owners to connect with. How can you apply some clarity to that?
  4. Use timed marketing campaigns – Any properties that you list exclusively should be subjected to a timed marketing approach of putting the message out there and having a variety of promotional channels active at the same time.
  5. Use editorials – With some listings, there are stories to share as part of the promotional campaign. That allows you to create editorials about the history of a property, the ownership or use of the building, and what is happening currently. Property-related stories make market interest.
  6. Send out email ‘blasts’ to selected groups – When you segment your database, the potential email marketing processes become more accessible. You can split up your email newsletter dispatches into groups of interested people. That would be, for example, business owners or investors, and you can then go into subgroups such as medical and allied health-related properties.
  7. Hand out flyers at the location – Local people are interested in local property changes and activities. Always hand out printed flyers as part of your property marketing campaigns. DL format cards are good for that. As you hand out the information, create conversations so you can understand what people are thinking and doing with the property currently and in the future.

Simple steps like these allow you to build a real estate prospecting model or system that can give you better market intelligence and potentially more clients.

Our clients like to work with real estate agents who are ‘specialists’ in a location and a property type. Use that requirement to your advantage, and you will find new clients and customers to serve.

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