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There are a number of lucrative real estate markets to consider in commercial real estate brokerage.  It doesn’t matter if you work in sales or leasing, you can choose your niche property market and ‘dive deeply’ into it.  There will be property owners and business owners needing your help.

There is no point in being a ‘generic’ real estate agent.  The competition in our industry is constantly around you.  Go deeper into your real estate opportunities and find a group of tenants, property owners, business owners, or developers to help.  Here are some ideas below to help you do that.


Building Your Niche Property Market

So what are those ‘niche’s’ in your local area?  Consider these groups for starters:

  • Particular tenant sizes within property types (larger office tenants, or retailers)
  • Certain business groups by offering (ie legal, or financial)
  • Tenant advocacy
  • Buyers agent
  • Franchise leasing agent

Here is a booklet telling you how you can build a niche marketing process into your commercial real estate business.

niche marketing booklet cover
Why you should establish a niche market.