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How to Design Commercial Property Advertising Headlines and Layouts Quickly and Easily

When you have a commercial property to advertise for sale or lease, the marketing strategies both online and off-line will be needing some special attention and focus.

There is a very strong argument that you shouldn’t repeat the same advertisement and format across all media outlets and channels. In saying that, more promotional effort should be directed towards exclusive listings and not open listings, that’s a deliberate choice.

The clients that have entrusted you with their exclusive listing are the clients that require your total and full marketing attention. You are the agent of choice to help them with their property challenge; build your brand accordingly.

Variations of Promotion

Through varying your marketing and advertising copy, you can attract more interest from the target market and any campaign that you activate. So the message here is that you can and should create a number of different advertising formats and advertising copy for each and every exclusive listing that you are working on.

Campaigns should be special and unique when promoting a property exclusively. Those advertisements that you create and the inbound enquiry coming to you should be tracked so that you can tune and refresh advertising as required.

Here are some ideas below to help you design and layout commercial property advertisements professionally and deliberately. A carefully crafted advertisement for a property or building will stand out more effectively both online and off-line. 

In that way your listings will always be noted as unique and special by the other players in the market including investors, business owners, tenants, and buyers.  That is a good thing if you are looking to grow market share as a broker or an agent.

Formulating Property Advertising Campaigns

So here are those ideas to help you with your property advertising:

  1. Inspect the property to be advertised and the location surrounding it before you start to design the dedicated advertising campaign. You really do need to understand the level of competition that you are up against and how those other properties are being advertised today.
  2. Compare other local advertisements for other properties. In simple terms, your listings have to be better than the others for the target market. Your campaign needs to be better and more comprehensive in so many different ways. Get to know the other listings that are available today and research the marketing and advertising campaigns underway in each case. Make some clear promotional choices with your listing that are more relevant and more specific.
  3. Choose a target market that relates to the property and the location. Don’t generalize; be specific. Look at the property from the perspective of buyers or tenants as the case may be. Look at the keywords and the factors of leverage that would generally interest the target market. Feed those keywords into your property advertising with particular care when it comes to the title, the dot points, and the advertising copy.
  4. Determine the right media choices to convey the marketing message. There are two sides to the promotional coin when it comes to commercial real estate today. You will have some strategies for the online promotions, and you will have other strategies for the more traditional and off-line marketing processes. In each case you will and should be involved at a personal level with your property listings. Exclusivity allows you to do that.
  5. Get some professional photographs taken of the asset and the location. Use those photographs online through deliberate placement on the industry portals and your website. Your property located in a particular suburb or city is likely to be competing with other properties in the same location online. Professional photographs will always attract more inquiry and the interest of buyers or tenants, so make sure your photographs are well selected to help the listing and the properties stand out to the required buyers and tenants as with investigating. The cost of those photographs should be directed to the client as part of a vendor paid marketing campaign.

Given all of these things, there are deliberate strategies that you can take in promotion when it comes to designing and placing your property advertisements both online and off-line. Research the other listings available in the market today, and then craft your advertisements carefully for improved levels of attraction and inquiry.

Help the client understand the choices that are available when it comes to property advertising and promotion; give them some clear recommendations and solutions when it comes to their listings in today’s market.

In closing on this point, it should be said that average and ordinary marketing campaigns should be reserved for open listings. The exclusive listings that you are working on should be deliberately and specifically structured for the maximum levels of target market interest and inquiry.

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