How to Develop the Best Sales Skills

As an agent in commercial real estate, your sales skills should constantly be enhanced, encouraged, and improved.  There are plenty of people out in the property market who will test your sales skills and outcomes.  Are you ready for the challenge of sales improvement?

So how does an agent become successful in commercial real estate today?  Everything comes back to the individual agent, what they think, what they do, and how to improve.  Consistency is part of the growth of an agent with skills, marketing, prospecting, and territory consolidation. 

In larger real estate teams, of course, there is generally a sales manager who takes charge of the training and development of every single agent.  That initiative overlooks the fact that commercial real estate is in the main, a personal skill-based industry. 

Some sales managers struggle to guide the various characters in a sales team and the agents in their real estate business. 

Personal Sales Attributes

So, it all comes back to you.  Things generally come back to your thoughts, personal activities, and daily real estate systems to develop the best sales skills and strategies.

But, of course, the rewards in commercial real estate brokerage are large and many for the agents that can create a series of new business-related and service-oriented systems.  That is the best way of setting a path to self-improvement in sales.

So it is time to think about the future. Let’s take your real estate business forward. Here are some other skills and processes to think about and develop in brokerage:

  1. Communication skills at all levels – Each day in brokerage, there are many people to talk to and meet with.  That is where communication skills are so necessary.  Engaging, discussing, explaining, and negotiating are all unique skills to think about and shape. In addition, given the different property types we work with, there will be individual elements of discussion and communication with each property type.
  2. Documentary skills – This is the process of getting a sale or lease through the various stages of property marketing, inspections, negotiation, and finalization. There are plenty of hurdles to work through and with.  The documentation has to be accurate and complete so that errors and omissions are not happening.
  3. Tracking targeted buildings, precincts, and streets – There are people and property issues to investigate in each street in your allocated territory.  It takes an organized real estate person to work with that completely and comprehensively.  Know the roads and what is happening on them.  If you operate a large territory of buildings or streets, break down the area into smaller sections.  In that way, you can review things in greater detail.
  4. Engaging with selected people and groups – The process here will impact just who your clients and prospects are by group and type. For example, you could be working with business owners, property developers, investors, and tenant groups or franchise groups.  There will be real estate strategies and priorities in each case to think about.  Every client or prospect can be assessed for requirements, timing, and change.  Are they motivated, and if so, in what way?
  5. Changing personal habits – This is perhaps the hardest thing to deal with in commercial real estate brokerage.  We do the same things every day as agents.  Some of those things will be beneficial for the real estate business, and others not so.  Consider what you do every day now and how positive or negative some of those things are.  Can you create a permanent change in your real estate habits to grow your business consistently?  Creating consistency in real estate activities, particularly practices, is essential to growth and change in real estate outcomes.

So, these ideas can help you develop the best sales skills in brokerage.  You can always go deeper and directly into all these facts above. 

To be a top agent, consider what you are doing now in each category, and then review how you can improve.  Take on the challenge.  That is the best way forward in commercial real estate.

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