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How to Develop Your Client List and Sales Plan in Brokerage

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In today’s podcast, the focus in sales and listing activity. There are three topics for you to help you get better clients and properties into your sales activity.

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are always things that you can do to improve your market share and to grow your business over time. In today’s podcast, we give you 3 topics that relate to sales and listing activity, and particularly ideas that can help you grow your market share with consistency.

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In every town and city, there are listings to be converted, and clients to be identified. The way to tap into those two channels of opportunity reliably is through a client engagement strategy and your sales plan.

Today we give you those ideas as part of the regular agent podcast program in commercial real estate brokerage. We also help you with some proven ideas to understand how hard questions are an important and a big part of converting listings to a successful result.

Taking Sales Action

So it is time to listen to the podcast program and choose the actions that will give you greater leverage and opportunity in your property market.

From these ideas, you can show the local property market that you are the expert for the property type and the ‘go-to person’ that is tracking and getting better results than others. That is how you can win new business faster.

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