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In today’s podcast you can learn how to improve your sales performance results over time as an agent or broker working in commercial real estate.

You can learn how to optimise your activities with clients and with listings, so you can create more churn and activity with the right types of properties and clients. Real estate is mostly about people, properties, and matching the situations of each.

Know Your Market and People

Take the time to understand how you can optimise your working day, and your focus on quality properties and quality listings. In this podcast we share the important ideas behind establishing a system for yourself in brokerage and with the right real estate business.

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Learn how to do the right things in the right way when it comes to your working day and your activities in brokerage. There are always plenty of opportunities in the property market to identify and to work on.

Real Estate Activities and Organisation

Some activities take longer than others when it comes to converting the business and creating the listing, but that is OK and that is why you need to be organized in your working practices. That being said, the opportunities are there for you today if you follow the rules. Here is the podcast.

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