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How to Execute a Local Business Prospecting Plan

Get involved with the other local businesses in your location. Put those businesses at the centre of your prospecting activities and prospecting model. Network into those businesses regularly and frequently to gain information about the local area and the property investment changes.

There are plenty of things that you can identify by talking to local business proprietors, owners, and employees. You can learn about the property investors, the landlords, and other tenants in the location. 

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Get to know what the business proprietors are thinking and doing when it comes to property occupancy and ownership. Some of those local businesses will need help when it comes to business operations and future expansion, change, or churn.  That is where you can be available as the local property specialist advising in sales, leasing, investment performance, and property management. Specialise in helping the local businesses with their property challenges and needs. 

As part of this assessment, you can review the economic circumstances relating to commerce in your town or city. Look for the successful business segments, the industries, and the entrepreneurs. Connect into those proven and successful people and groups.  There will be some industry and real estate requirements that you can service. 

Keep Your Real Estate Business Simple

The commercial real estate business is not complex, but it does provide certain channels of focus if you are diligent, professional, and consistent in your approaches. The local business community as part of that will provide you with a valuable channel of listing and service opportunity if you focus on their corporate needs and their property changes. Identify those changes early so that you can work with the listing and or the property need off-market and away from the competing agents in your location.

In today’s podcast you will learn:

  • How to use the local news about companies and corporations to grow your real estate business
  • How to observe local property changes that matter
  • Know what local businesses may need your help
  • How to stay in touch with the right business owners for property listing opportunity

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