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In commercial real estate agency and brokerage, you need new salespeople to build the team.  This can happen quite frequently during the year based on market activity and industry churn.

These are the common problems impacting many brokers:

  • Other brokers attracting or taking away your best people
  • Commission deals being more attractive elsewhere
  • Aggressive marketing on the part of other agents and brokerages
  • More market share with other agencies

So the issue here is that you should have a plan to replace your team members with others as and when required.  You should have a practical process to keep you on track in recruitment and employment.  In fact, you can have a pipeline of people to nurture over time.

Here are some strategies to help you build your team and prepare for the inevitable changes as they occur:

  1. Always have a recruiting plan running for your brokerage
  2. Look for the seasonal changes in recruiting
  3. Employ university graduates from the property stream that are willing to learn a new career in sales
  4. Encourage your team to advise you of good people that they have seen or come across in other agencies
  5. Create points of attraction that will help you sell your recruiting plans
  6. Get in touch with other top agents and keep the contact active for the day they may want to change employer
  7. Run recruitment seminars and workshops using your current team and top performers as speakers.
  8. Have an online employment portal on your agency or brokerage website
  9. Start cadetships within your business to take people through the skills of the industry
  10. Run recruitment nights once per quarter to encourage new people to contact you.
  11. Target the competition and opposition
  12. Have skills based coaching for your existing team and make it part of your recruitment package.
  13. Have a pdf employment package on your website for download and access by potential employees
  14. When a top agent achieves a great deal in the local area, call them to congratulate their success.
  15. Partner up your sales people and agents into zones and skill levels so the sharing of knowledge and skill can be encouraged.

Every commercial real estate brokerage should have a plan of recruitment.  You will need new people, so it is best to establish a pipeline for that.

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