commercial real estate training podcast by John Highman

The greater the number of listings that you have, or the more active you are in prospecting, there will be a corresponding lift in negotiation requirements across all things.   Some of those negotiations you can prepare for; others not so.  Time in the industry will help you negotiate more effectively, but you can fast track the process and get positive results sooner.  In this podcast today, John Highman shares valuable information about real estate negotiation and what you can do about it to boost your positive results.


They say that experience and time build skill and results, and that would be true in commercial real estate brokerage negotiations. However, you can fast track the whole process by undertaking some practice when it comes to common everyday challenges in brokerage.  Know the pressures of the market for all parties that you work with, and practice your dialogues for all common circumstances.  It’s that simple.