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How to Get More Vendor Paid Marketing Funds with New Listings

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When you have a property to lease or sell, the way in which you approach that will be greatly enhanced with vendor paid marketing funds. Getting the message out about the property, its improvements, and the features of the sale or lease is just so important.

Today, in this podcast, John Highman shares six strategies to help you covert the client or prospect into accepting and paying the vendor paid marketing funds to correctly promote the property comprehensively to the target market of buyers or tenants.

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Marketing Choices and Solutions

Its all about media choices and comprehensive communication. You cannot sell or lease a property that the buyers and tenants don’t know about. There are only three main ways to market a property and that will be:

  • Online using the websites, portals, and social media
  • Direct marketing to the local people and or target audience
  • Emails and brochures to the right people in your database

So all of that requires a strategic approach to reach out to the right people in the right ways. Conversations about marketing will allow you so show the client or prospect the value of the vendor paid marketing process.

Its all about what you say and what you do. Reach out logically to the client and explain the advantages and strategies of property marketing today. Structure a number of alternative campaigns to show the client what can happen with the marketing of their property and how that will shorten the time on market and or improve the end result enquiry.

You can’t do much with a property to sell or lease without attracting enquiry. Have a listen to the podcast here and get those details you need to boost your marketing funds and property promotional strategy.

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