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How to Get the Facts About Listings in Commercial Property

When taking a commercial property to the market to either sell or lease, it is essential that you understand all the property details and ask all the right questions of the client. Know more about the property than they do and then consider the best ways to market, negotiate, and close on the property given its uniqueness.

Questioning the property owner is part of the investigation process on the property but should not be the only method of gathering the correct detail. Property owners will not always remember or disclose key elements of the property to the real estate agent.

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So there are some challenges with that in developing ways to get all the information you need. Local authorities and other instrumentalities are part of the property investigation and a checklist approach to the listing will help you greatly.

In today’s podcast, you can learn about some of the key ways you can get more property information and how to use that with your listing preparation.

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